We take a lot of care and effort to blend a “super premium” product.  Our foods are naturally preserved, fresh, no sugars, no dyes, have yucca, kelp and contain many ingredient upgrades.  We will be happy to show you the advantages of our products compared to what you are currently using.  Click here to see our products and ingredients.

Many people like to be home for their first delivery to meet us and learn how it all works.  After that, simply leave your bin outside on your delivery day and we will refill it.  We can also bring you many other items like biscuits, treats, kitty litter, and wild birdseed.

YES!  We can do this because we do not spend large sums on advertising, middlemen, or expensive storefronts.  We can also save you money compared to most grocery store brands because you feed less of our product.  This also means you will have less to pick up in the yard and will be providing your pet with a more nutritious product.

When it comes to your pet’s health, feeding lower quality food is just not good enough.  We know quality nutrition promotes good health.  We have all heard “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”  At The Pet Pantry, not only can we provide you with quality nutrition, we could actually reduce your cost per feeding.

We may be new to you, but we have been serving the Charlotte, NC metro area since 2003.  Rather than spending large sums on advertising, we depend on customer referrals, community events, and local networking.  We live in your neighborhood and care about our community and your pet.  We want to personally earn your business.

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