Allergies gone!

Deacon had allergies and once we started using the Pet Pantry food, they cleared right up! He is much happier and so am I! Thanks for the great service!

Chaney & Deacon


I don’t know who looks forward to delivery day more…me or the “boys”. I like to see what shape the treats will be in and of course the “boys” just like to eat them….hahaha! Many thanks to Dennis and Reba for the wonderful service. You are awesome!

Susanne & Merlin and Arthur

Chloe loves her Pet Pantry Food!!

When Chloe found us, she was 2 years old. Since she had been bounced around from home to home, food was the least of her worries. Once we started her on Pet Pantry food, all of a sudden she could not wait for breakfast and dinner!! We have relocated to California and were lucky to find a supplier in our new location thanks to Dennis and his great customer service.

Jennifer & Chloe

It’s a miracle!!

Not only does our cat, Monkey, love the Indoor Cat (3 in 1) food, but she’s become a new cat! She used to throw up a few times a week but she hasn’t thrown up since we started giving her the Pet Pantry food. Her fur has become softer and she’s become a friskier kitty! We love the Pet Panty Indoor Cat (3 in 1) formula and recommend it to anyone who has an indoor cat. We bet you WILL see a difference!

Jennifer & Patrick & Monkey


Thank you for the great service. The quality is great and you are a pleasure to do business with.

Mickey & Cooper

Senior Dog

I want to thank you for helping me select the dog food formula for my dog, Louise. She is getting up there in years and I have noticed a difference in her activity levels since we started feeding her your food. I appreciate your guidance and care for her!

Kelly B. & Louise

Extra Treats!

Teddy loves when the Pet Pantry van comes because he knows you guys give him a special rawhide treat with the delivery! The customer service is excellent and the bin you provide keeps his food fresh – even when we store it in the garage. Thank you!

Nicole P. & Teddy

Great food, Wonderful Convenience, & Exceptional Customer Service

When you have two retrievers, getting dog food is no easy task. I love that The Pet Pantry delivers a great product to my home at an affordable price. As an extra bonus since being on this food, ‘the boys’ have less gas. Even when they have the occasional (unapproved) people-food binge, they don’t even get an upset stomach! The Pet Pantry always knows when I’m going to run out of food and makes sure it doesn’t happen — that certainly wasn’t the case when I was in charge of dog food delivery to our house. Thanks for providing such an exceptional service!

Rachel & Buddy & Bullet

All Natural AND Free Delivery!

Our vet insisted that we purchase all natural food – that it would help with her joints and growth and keep her around longer. The Pet Pantry food was actually the same price, or less expensive than the all-natural food at the specialty pet store AND they deliver. Thanks!

Caty and Kyle & Gracie

Growing Up Right!

We found out Molly had allergies when she was just a teeny 10 pounder. Now on lamb and rice she is 7 months old, about 50 pounds, and no more food rashes!

Jennifer & Molly Turtle

My cats can’t live without The Pet Pantry!

Ever since a friend told me about The Pet Pantry, I had to try…and I couldn’t be happier! Not only do my cats love the Indoor Dry Food, but I love the convenience of not having to carry food AND litter to my house! Thanks for the great service!

Jen K. & Boots & Houdini

Pet Pantry is wonderful!

We don’t miss the days of lugging 30 pounds of dog food home from the grocery store. Our dogs love the food and your customer service is excellent. Thank you for making our lives easier

K. Campbell & Simon & Zoe

We love Pet Pantry!

Pet Pantry delivery day is one of Foster’s favorite days. He loves the food and a special treat always gets delivered with his food. Foster has food allergies and he has been great with the food from Pet Pantry. We love the service, the price, and the wonderful people in charge!

Lauri and Ryan & Foster

Great Food

I have 3 big Dogs (2 90 lbs and 1 80 lbs) and they LOVE this food. The difference in my dogs is unbelievable. Winston is the one with the sensitive stomach and throws up all the time. Not anymore!!!!!!! Since the first day on the Super Premium Lamb and Rice he has not thrown up. He has been on Pepcid AC since he was 6 months old (he is now almost 5) and I am weaning him off the Pepcid!!!!!! Astro the youngest could care less if he eats, with this food he finishes it all and doesn’t need anything to be on the food to eat it. Its the only food he eats without a problem. Bo-Tie the oldest (7) has more energy and loves the food too. They all eat the same and they all have that shine back to their coats as well. I look forward to a long and happy relationship with the Pet Pantry.

Vikki & Bo-Tie, Winston and Astro

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